As we move toward the third decade of the new millennium, the U.S. life insurance industry will either be dominated by insurance agents, who have been the stewards, of a failing enterprise OR Executive Trust Officers.

This binary choice is always is!


          Executive Trust Officer

   Apparently, technology has become a significantly broad trend that has fundamentally altered the core underpinnings of the insurance industry while portending an evolution of disruptive proportion to be on the cusp.


   The e-surance platform that Allstate acquired from White Mountain Technologies, not only reduced commissions-paid from $1.83b to $662M, it more than halved the number of Allstate agencies from 14,884 to 7,120...AND dropping!


   There is an unprecedented convergence of four challenges, the life insurance industry is facing:

  • the number of agents is shrinking
  • the majority of life insurance is sold on line (predominantly. term)
  • insurance is viewed as a commodity that must be sold NOT bought
  • insurance agents are held in little regard and have no air of professionalism, ascribed to them


   With the U.S. financial system still on crutches, the outlook for 2018 and beyond, hinges largely on which set of well-grounded stepping stones are chosen, by the industry, IMO's and agents.


   Many times the unyielding complexities of business can be effectively neutralized by choosing to engage the fundamental structure of a new frontier.


   The strategic imperative is to merge talent and resources together to unlock unparalleled value in your existing but changing profession.


   Develop a 360-degree panoramic view of your business surroundings and be able to recognize adjacent opportunities. Then take decisive action in the face of an unforgiving and impending wave of changes that will occur at a rigorous, cascading -cadence.


   The battlefield for differentiated talent, in the finance sector, will be critical as we approach this third decade


   The most likely to survive any jolting upheaval are those required to bring expertise to bear, by providing strategic and operational advice at critically defining junctures.


   Of course, being able to apply those skills to the most asset-laden group in the nation, our seniors, is casting the most dominant, professional footprint.