Dr. Francis John Maguire, PhD

New York Trust will, over the next four years, develop the largest marketing force (275,000) ever assembled.

While our initial incursion will be focused on the accountant practitioner, we have developed similar channels of strategic access to: Attorneys, Insurance Agents, Teachers, Professional Women and Churches.


New York Trust



"...a platform that will cast the most dominant footprint in the U.S. finance industry, as accountants lead the way."

                    Dr. Francis John Maguire, PhD


 Apparently, technology has become a significantly broad trend that has fundamentally altered the core underpinnings of many professions. The recent accelerated-emergence of new analytical tools, portend that an evolution of disruptive proportion is on the cusp. Sweeping transformational changes at the robotic-data level are justifiable cause for re-adjusting expectations Accountants need to realize that what is happening is not an aberration but a systemic change that will move forward unabated whether identified, denied or ignored. There is an unprecedented convergence of two challenges: the business world of professionals is shrinking...and in what new arena, if any, will their skills seamlessly transport? With the U.S. financial system still on crutches, the business outlook for 2017 and beyond, hinges largely on which set of well-grounded stepping stones are chosen. Many times the unyielding complexities of business can be effectively neutralized by choosing to engage the fundamental structure of a new frontier. The strategic imperative is to merge talent and resources together to unlock unparalleled value in your existing but changing profession. Develop a 360-degree panoramic view of your business surroundings and be able to recognize adjacent opportunities. Then take decisive action in the face of an unforgiving and impending techno-wave. The battlefield for differentiated talent, in the finance sector, will be critical as we approach this third decade The most likely to survive any jolting upheaval are those required to bring expertise to bear, by providing strategic and operational advice at critically defining junctures. In any planned joining of talent and resources the best practitioners of strategic diligence need to assume the mantle of leadership, thus, we summon accountants. Dr. Francis John Maguire, PhD ******************************************************************************************** CLICK on the ACCOUNTING word block below to review our accountant channel and the email link, if you elect, to contact me. (609) 618-3856

Simple Malthusian economics:


As technology increases, the number of people supplying goods and services decreases, But not in a one-for-one arithmetic equation. It does so exponentially, and in concentric circles, akin to the effect of a pebble being thrown into a pond.

At one time software, replaced a job. Now, programs of artificial based intelligence or machine based algorithms, replace an industry.

Artificial intelligence will now have a severe transformative-effect on the accounting and legal industry, followed in rapid succession, by others.